Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Tea Party

A visit wouldn't be complete without a tea party. I love getting it ready. And the kids always treat the tea party dishes with great care and respect. They are very polite. What a great tradition it's turned out to be.

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Audrey loves Sam! She is such a good big sister to him. He loves her too.

I love these rosey cheeked pictures. Sam had been out ice-skating with his family.

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More of Christmas

Nadine and Audrey and Sam

I examine the wonderful book about Aesop that Mikelle gave me. I love it.

What a cute little family on Christmas day.

Andy and Ruth dress up for a tea party.
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Christmas Day, in the Morning!

Eveyone lines up at the bottom of the stairs and waits for the signal that Santa has come and it's time to come and see.

How many people and Christmas presents can be crammed into one small living room?

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The Nativity

Following the buffet, everyone digs through the bin to choose this year's costume. Ruthie will be an angel.

Kristen, a shepherd.

...and Sadie

Audrey is Mary. Peter is Joseph.
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Mary and Joseph marvel at their new baby Jesus (Sam)

Angel Ruthie, appears to the shepherds (Mikelle, Kristen and Sadie) and to Marielle, the sheep.

Everyone arrives to worship the baby.

Jack and Taylor (the wisemen) arrive from the East
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The Halls Were Decked!

The baking was done!

The table was filled!

There was nothing left to do but put on pajamas. Everyone waited to receive their pair.

And my favorite moment of all! That moment when everyone emerges and discovers that they are dressed like everyone else. It's very bonding. It makes the measuring and cutting and sewing all worthwhile.

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