Friday, March 5, 2010

Where I go running

One of my great keys to happiness, is regularly running on this road. It winds over hills and across meadows and along ridges. It has beautiful views and occasional wildlife.

Near the end of the run, I come to this beautiful place--made all the more beautiful by the fact that from here on out, it's downhill all the way. Keep in mind, that this is the ugliest time of year. In just a few weeks, the grass will be green and the vegetation lush--wild roses, purple and yellow flowers, everything leafed out. I love this place.

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New Beginnings

I was in charge fo the skit for New Beginnings. We decided to base our skit on finding "value"-able treasure inside a cave. I chose 8 birls to star in the skit. Each one had to paint a rock in her value color. I should mention here, that Bruce and I had to drive to the top of a very high mountain to get all of these perfect rocks. He is the best sport of any man around.

For the skit, the 8 girls each introduced one of the new Beehives that will be coming in this year. Note Marielle. Can you believe she's big enough for Young Womens--actually she has about 4 months. We'll have to have some serious lessons in grooming--she could not care less about it now.

Don't you love this cave? I learned the art of cardboard rocks.

Each of my girls, displayed the rock they "found" in the cave and talked about their value.
It was very well done. I love my young women!
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Meeting a New Baby Goat

Our friends the Feltus's got a new little goat--only 5 days old. They agreed to let us come over for a visit.

Sadie wasn't the least bit nervous.

Bruce--with his usual flare for animal handling, checked him out all over.
We especially loved his little knobby legs with all their joints and his smooth perfect little hooves.

Ruth walked all around the farm. There were sheep, chickens, ducks, horses large and small, and best of all--the goat.
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