Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few Pictures of Grandchildren

Ruth and May (with Mikelle)
Ruthie Nelson and Austin Larson
Adam Larson
Julia Jane
Austin Larson
Eric Nelson
Ruthie Nelson
Audrey Nelson

Sadie Nelson
Look at these children. It's October now and months have passed since they were playing all around me.  I look at them and think of the line from "The Selfish Giant" (after he saw the light that is):
          'I have many beautiful flowers,' he said; 'but the children are the most beautiful flowers of all.'
I love it when they're here.  Audrey, Eric, Sam and Julia are in Texas.  Jack, Taylor, Noah, Austin and Adam are in Utah.  Ruth, Sadie and May are in Georgia.

And since we're talking about grandchildren, this might be a good time to insert this recently acquired treasure of a picture from Marlee's wedding:

 See what I mean?  The most beautiful flowers of all.

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