Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marlee and Luke's Reception

It was a perfect evening. There were a few last minute disasters but we've come to expect them. So many of our favorite people were there to celebrate with us. Marlee and Luke looked like the bride and groom that you might find on top of a wedding cake--very Barbie and Ken.

I remember looking over at Marlee and getting that little shiver. I've felt it before and it feels like something that only a mother can know--and in my head there is a little running slide show of Marlee with the slides in no particular order and of not necessarily significant moments. They are just our life up til now. I realize then that the shiver marks the end of something...and the beginning of something all at once. It's a feeling of loss overshadowed by joy. It's a singular experience.
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There are no joys to compare with family. The experiences and feeling associated with family run so deep. Little moments are filled with meaning. They are the people who know us best and who we know best and who will be forever. This blog is a collection of the experiences that we can remember--the ones that happen on earth. I think our associations began long before and maybe the best is yet to be. Brigham Young says that our mortal experience is dreary compared to what is to come. I'm glad I can't see ahead because my life is anything but dreary. These people are my light and my joy.

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