Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Last Afternoon in Nauvoo

It was time to head for home, but we all wanted just a few more hours in Nauvoo.   We decided to visit some of the historic places we'd skimmed over on the first day. 

Nauvoo was so beautiful.  We'd heard that it had been unbelievably hot for weeks.  But this day was perfect.  There was a little breeze and I kept having to pinch myself realizing that I was walking down this street in Nauvoo with my children and grandchildren together.  It was so great!
We loved the unusual flowers and bugs.

 There's a bug on this tree.  I'm not sure who spotted it--probably Marielle.  But we all gathered around to see.

We came to this great little "hands on" area.  The kids got to dress up in Nauvoo clothes and have free run of all the implements and equipment that kept Nauvoo houses running.  

                                                                Sam rides a sheep

                          Sadie and Sam take care of the sheep while Audrey finishes the laundry

As soon as we arrived and Andy saw the bin full of pioneer dresses, she said, "Ruth is never going to leave this spot.  She is going to try on every dress."  It was true.  The other kids ran from activity to activity while Ruth stuck by the dress bin and admired all the little details.  So cute.
                                                              Sadie found a table just her size.

                                          Peter looked so much like an authentic Nauvoo boy.

                                                            Audry and Peter--the homesteaders

                                                         Audry, Peter, Eric and Sam

                                                             Eric checks out the water supply


But the
re was also plenty for the adults to do.  We put together some pretty good competitions.  I can't remember who the winners were, but I remember Brian was pretty impressive overall.

                         Eric and Andy compete at the "pull the bear up the rope" game.  It was close.

 After a great stilt race (that it looks like maybe Nick might have won) it was on to the hoop run.

 Again, Nick seems to have a good lead, but I think it was Brian who made a run at the end.

Round two was more exciting since everyone had the hang of it now.

Brian loses his crown to Seth.  I love that form!

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